Have you been struggling to make $5000 to $10,000 a month, steadily, kind of like receiving large dividend checks in the mail? If so, I know what you’ve been going through….and, I can help .

The free energy invention I’m selling is in huge demand by almost every business with a power bill. Selling it is a “no-brainer”.

The path to financial independence is deceptively simple but rarely followed:

  • Find a way to produce an on-going passive income from a business.

  • Re-invest profits to continue to expand your income from your business.

  • Spend less than you make every month.

  • Always automatically invest part of your income in other income and dividend producing investments.

My Covert Telemarketing business is the perfect passive income generating business. And, because every business that uses electricity wants to save up to 90% off their power bill you have a product in high demand.

Let's Explore How It Works

First, the product, The Cold Electricity Transformer or CET multiplies a small input current, say 20 amps @ 110 vac and outputs 200 amps @ 110 vac which is around 20 kw of power.It works by opening up the flow of least resistance of cold electricity from the Zero Point Field. The ZPE is an infinite energy source; it will never run out. So, the CET device multiplies the tiny trickle of input power by ten to twenty times.

Currently, our team is developing commercial versions that range from 50 kw capacity to 100 kw capacity. That is a substantial amount of electric power suitable for running small factories and farms.

Based on my experience I can reasonably tell you that 5 out of 8 businesses with a medium to high electric bill will jump at the chance to slash as much as 90% off their power bills every month.

Recently, out of 12 emails I sent out as a micro test….2 were bad email addresses, 2 more weren’t opened leaving just 8 people who actually read the message.

Of these 8 prospects one called me within 45 minutes asking to meet me over the weekend, another emailed me within a couple of hours asking to fly out and meet me. Both gentlemen own large businesses and told me they would arrive with cash in hand to see the CET at our facility and to purchase multiple units.

Two more customers requested that I send them an invoice so they could go ahead and purchase the CET sight unseen….and, one requested more information.

Pricing and Commissions

The CET for homeowners is priced at $1500 plus $250 for installation while the commercial versions of the CET range in price from $7500 to $25,000 for our most powerful system. Customers risk nothing because we guarantee they will save substantial amount of money on their power bill or they pay nothing. 
We offer your customers two choices:

  • Outright Purchase. Customers sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement with us. They pay us for the CET and you arrange to have the unit installed by a qualified local electrician. Your customer pockets 100% of the savings on his electric bill. He is covered by our 30 day trial period -satisfaction guarantee. He is also protected by our lifetime exchange policy: If the CET unit fails or malfunctions at any time we will replace it free. (Electrician's fees not included).   
  •            Permanent Lease. The customer pays a $1500 deposit and installation fee and signs the lease agreement and NDA. Our electrician installs the CET, tests it and we receive 15% of their savings on their power bill every month - forever. If the customer fails to make a payment we repossess the CET and flip back over to standard electric service.

I call my business Covert Telemarketing because the power companies hate the threat the CET poses to their business. Power companies would do almost anything to prevent this free energy technology from getting a foothold. We are “flying under the radar” by avoiding publicity!

Club Membership has it privileges!

So, public advertising and publicity like radio, television, newspaper ads, and Internet web sites are prohibited. However, we have a simple but powerful email (the one I use) that you can send to individual companies.

You’ll also receive templates for postcards and brochures with the telemarketing phone number and a place for your Affiliate ID that is required for the phone to work. A prospect that calls and fails to enter a valid Affiliate ID has their call disconnected after the 2nd failed entry.


We pay out 10% of the sales price excluding the electrician’s installation fee ($250). A typical sale is for $7500 so you’ll earn $750 per sale but we do all the actual selling. You will be required to get the paperwork signed and arrange for the installation.

On a lease, you’ll earn 10% of the monthly payment that is based on the average monthly energy savings of the customers. You also earn 10% of the lease deposit amount which is typically $1500 so you would earn $150 up front. Please note that this is a permanent lease; as long as your customer continues to use CET you’ll receive passive income. 


If you believe you have what it takes to generate qualified calls from businesses that consume a lot of electricity then order below. The cost for your Covert Marketing Affiliate Kit is $20  giving you a lifetime membership in Passive Income Club. All advertising and promotional materials, training videos, Q&A's and resources are in your member's area. 

How To Get Started

Here's how to sign up...just click the JOIN NOW button  below and I'll see you on the other side! You will find your Covert Telemarketing Kit in the member's area.

All The Best,

Dave Davies

P.S. Call me if you have any questions at 207-315-0315. 

Terms of Service

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Are you still thinking about it? In today's economy having a secure way to earn a six figure income is JOB #1! Don't let someone else grab your spot!

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!Your complete satisfaction is assured. During your first 30 days you may cancel your membership for a full refund (less S&H fee).  Any clients you've sponsored will automatically be re-assigned to the next new member to join and your residual commissions will cease.


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